Byrds-meets-Big-Star-meets-Beachboys – ‘the soundtrack of the summer’



Some of you ‘normal’ people are getting excited by the World Cup or by
the warm weather, but I must say I am not bothered about either.

In fact, this weekend I am avoiding both by staying in, listening to
some new music and updating my blog, which is long overdue.

Trust me, it’s better than being stood in an over-crowded pub full of
undesirable types who only go out drinking when it’s summer, an
international sporting event, St Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve, and
then spoil it for the rest of us who are regular frequenters of ale
houses. The hot weather brings ’em all out…

To keep me company – my girlfriend Susie is away in Barcelona – I’ve
stocked up on red wine and cheese. It could be a long evening….

There’s plenty of great new music around at the moment, but I’ve also
been digging around in record shops and online to discover some retro
delights, too.

Now, I may not be a fan of summer, but I am partial to the odd killer
sunshine guitar pop tune or two – and the new Teenage Fanclub album
Shadows is full of ’em.

It’s easily the best thing they’ve done since 1995’s Grand Prix.

OK, so if you don’t like Teenage Fanclub (hard to believe, I know, but
there are such deluded people out there,apparently) then Shadows won’t
convert you, as it’s classic trademark Fanclub to the max. Jangly
Byrds-meets-Big-Star guitars? Check. Beachboys harmonies? Check. Great
melodies? Check. Well, if it ain’t broke….

I always hate it when idiotic, inane presenters like Zane Lowe
proclaim something to be ‘the soundtrack of the summer’, but Shadows
will certainly be the soundtrack of my summer – and hopefully it will
help me to get through the imminent, oppressive heat wave.

Here’s the current Teenage Fanclub single, Baby Lee – if you dig this,
you’ll love the album. Yeah, it’s soppy, but so what? It’s better than
crying over a football match…

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