Picture by Martin Hobby
Picture by Martin Hobby

Sean Hannam is an award-winning technology, retail and music journalist, as well as a  lyricist, presenter, DJ and band/club promoter.

He has been a sometime musician and songwriter with the band/project Garage Flowers, featuring ex-Hurricane#1 singer Alex Lowe, written songs with UK alt.country act Matt Hill  [aka Quiet Loner] and carried out PR/promo work for Louis Eliot (ex-Kinky Machine/Rialto) and The Embers.

In 2010, Sean launched the rockabilly/vintage rock ‘n’ roll Pub Quiff club/band night, at Trinity Bar, Harrow-on-the-Hill. He was also a regular DJ for indie/rock and roll night Fools Paradise.

He digs retro specs, dark pubs, winter, big coats, Morrissey, Guinness, rockabilly/old rock ‘n’ roll, country music, Dylan, Cash, ’60s pop, ’60s spy films (The Ipcress File is his favourite), The Smiths/Morrissey, Joe Meek, Mark Lanegan, Richard Hawley, Scott Walker, Bowie, Dusty Springfield, Britpop, Hammer horror films, old Sherlock Holmes movies, James Bond, and cult film soundtracks, among other things…

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Instagram: shannam_

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