Crybaby: "Richard Hawley sings The Smiths"



With I Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love I Lost, Bristol singer/songwriter Danny Coughlan, who records under the moniker Crybaby, hasn’t just come up with the best song title of 2012, he’s also made the best single of the year so far.
The song in question is a beautiful, melancholic, kitchen sink ballad that sounds like Richard Hawley covering The Smiths circa Strangeways Here We Come (think I Won’t Share You), but with Joe Meek twiddling the knobs in the control room. It also reminds me of all those overwrought, dramatic ’50s and ’60s pop songs about crying and walking in the rain. 
(Apparently Crybaby’s debut album, released on April 9, promises tracks that sound like Roy Orbison, Phil Spector and The Jesus & Mary Chain.)
Seriously, it’s as if someone has gone through my record collection, written down the names of all my favourite artists and then condensed them into one perfect three minute pop gem.
I’m going to play this song each and every night before I go to sleep. No doubt there will be tears on my pillow.

Crybaby’s self-titled album is out on April 9, on Helium Records.

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