Once more unto the beach…



If Quentin Tarantino is planning to throw a beach party this summer, he should book Two Wounded Birds as the entertainment.

Their great, new three-track Midnight Wave EP (out now & available on vinyl and download from Moshi Moshi Music) is an ideal soundtrack for teenage beat freaks to get down and dirty to. And the whole thing clocks in at around the six minute mark – just like those good, old fashioned seven inch pop singles that used to be all the rage.

All We Wanna Do is a glorious fuzzed-up racket – think The Ramones covering The Beachboys at breakneck speed – while groovy garage-rock-surf instrumental Do The Jay Jay has spooky organ that creeps up on you like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Then before you can even shout ‘Wipe Out’, the title track starts up with a long-lost Dick Dale twang and hits you like a six-foot swell. 

After crashing the party, our intrepid hero, Johnny Danger, disappears into the dead of night…. leaving us to clear up the carnage.

Heaven knows, I’m Misirlou now….

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