Out of the Darkness

I’ve lost count of the days, but it’s been a while since I last
updated this blog.
The good news is that I have now something to shout about – a rather
lovely new song called Out of the Darkness, written by myself and Matt
Hill (aka Quiet Loner – http://quietloner.com/).
Along with our friend and sometime musical collaborator Will Dobson,
we recorded a demo version earlier this month. I’ve uploaded it to the
site, so can you take a listen.
It’s my first real attempt at writing an honest, simple love song. I’d
had some lyrics kicking around for a while, but they needed some
pruning and tightening up, so Matt helped me out, added some other
imagery and then wrote the tune on his acoustic guitar, while sitting
in Will’s kitchen. Does that make it a kitchen sink drama?
As well as strumming, Matt also sings the gorgeous lead vocals, while
Will added some keyboards and some angelic, yet slightly ghostly,
‘female’ backing singer parts – very Joe Meek.
I think it sounds like the kind of song that’s been around for years –
a standard from the ’50s. We even added some authentic vinyl crackle
to capture that vintage atmosphere. I can imagine a young couple from
yesteryear dancing to it in a ’50s dancehall, a mirrorball shining
above them. I’m such an incurable romantic. It also reminds me of
Richard Hawley – I can imagine his baritone croon all over it.
One for the mums and dads, eh?



One thought on “Out of the Darkness

  1. Anonymous August 14, 2010 / 3:28 pm

    My blog updated with new song Out of the Darkness.


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