The twang is the thang!


I’ve always had a thing (or should that a be a thang?) for twangy guitars.
And no-one does twangy guitar better than Duane Eddy.

When I was a kid, my dad often used to play Duane’s records in the??house, so I grew up with his unique baritone sound.??

However, I didn’t know that back in 1965, Duane made a whole album of
instrumental Bob Dylan songs.

The amusingly entitled, ahem, Duane Does Dylan, which I recently
stumbled across on iTunes, is a real rock and roll curio, from its
cool cover – Duane sat in a lounge cradling his guitar alongside two ‘dolly
birds’ – to its quirky takes on Dylan tunes – the blistering version
of House of the Rising Sun is awesome – all big, bad boss man guitar
and wailing blues harmonica.

Confusingly, there’s also a great cover of Barry McGuire’s Eve of
Destruction (one of my favourite songs of all time) included, although
it wasn’t ever recorded by Dylan. However, it was penned by songwriter
PF Sloan, who wrote Dylan-like material.

Anyway, it’s twang-tastic, all the same.

And while we’re on the subject of twangy sounds, here’s Jack
Nitzsche’s sublime The Lonely Surfer – an epic, cinematic track from
1963 that features plenty of cool baritone guitar.

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