Brand new Oasis song available online – Man of Misery

Perhaps the title refers to Noel after the band’s recent split, or
maybe it’s just about Liam on one of his “man periods”….. Anyway,
the main thing is that Man of Misery – a brand new Oasis song
that’s mysteriously appeared on Liam’s Pretty Green clothing website –  
is absolutely blinding.
It’s a thunderous, ’60s-style garage-rock racket, that, in the best
Oasis tradition, rips off a classic existing tune – in this case, it’s
Booker T & The MGs’s Green Onions.
Man, this should have been on Dig Out Your Soul.
It’s written and sung by Liam and could be a sign of what’s to come, if
him, Gem and Andy carry on without his big brother….
You can download it for free, here:

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