It sounds just like New Order, but without the bass!


I get very excited whenever I hear a new song that features New
Order’s Bernard Sumner.
It’s just something about his deadpan voice, dry delivery and jangly
guitar that turns this 35 year-old cynic into a giddy, excitable
teenager all over again.
Sink or Swim – the debut single from his new project Bad Lieutenant –
is no exception. It’s a rushing indie-rock tune with a killer chorus.
Unsurprisingly, it sounds just like New Order, only without Hooky’s
thundering bass riffs.
Over chiming guitars, Sumner issues a stark warning to a friend: ‘What
you doing with that stupid little girl? Stop your fooling. Don’t you
know it’s gonna hurt when she leaves you.”
Throw in some swooning, soulful backing vocals and you have a song
that’s up there with some of New Order’s best moments. Now, if only
Hooky had played bass on it, then it would have been a stone-cold
For a limited time, you can download Bad Lieutenant’s Sink or Swim
single for free from:
Bad Lieutenant formed in 2007, with Sumner on guitar and vocals, Phil
Cunningham (guitar) and Jake Evans (guitar and vocals).
Their debut album, Never Cry Another Tear, is set for release on October 12.

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