Summer of Hate


Yes, I know it’s the summer and I should be out enjoying the sunshine,
but to be honest I feel that my time is best spent alone in my flat,
listening to some seriously dark new music offerings.
You should be thankful – it saves you the effort and means you can go
to the park and do all those things that ‘normal’ people do in August
like having a picnic or sunbathing, safe in the knowledge that I’ve
found you some great new music to get you through the long, cold
winter ahead.  So, over the next few days, I’ll be posting details of
some of my fave new tunes up on Say It With Garage Flowers.
OK, so I admit I have made a sole concession to the hot weather by
listening to the album Summer of Hate by deliriously, scuzzy, fuzzy,
f***ed up, lo-fi indie-rock duo Crocodiles. Hailing from San Diego,
they sound and look like The Jesus and Mary Chain with their cool
shades, big hair, drum machine, feedback, droney guitars and
death-obsessed lyrics.
Their recent single I Wanna Kill is one of the best things I’ve heard
all year – a deliriously dumb, druggy pop tune that mixes the sound of
Phil Spector (on a track called I Wanna Kill, that is somewhat ironic,
don’t you think?) with Psychocandy/Darklands-era Mary Chain.

Just as you’re thinking it can’t get any better, they thrown in a
cheap, tinny organ solo that could have been half-inched from some
long-lost ’60s pop song – simply brilliant. It make you want to grab a
girl, get high and drive an open-top car down the freeway and off a
cliff, while listening to the Shangri-Las on the tape deck. Yep – it’s
that cool.
So, before you head out to the park, go and listen to Crocodiles. And
make it snappy.


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